Why do some survive… and others die? How do companies thrive in the face of copycats?

A company has the following possible sources of power:

  • capital
  • time and energy
  • first mover advantage
  • or simply the ingenuity of its people

And they can use these to build the following types of…

(Yes Firefox is still a thing. And I’m one of the 3.65% who still use it.)

Imagine this. Beach time is coming up, and you enter ‘best swimsuits’ into google.

And instead of:

  • a series of google ads
  • articles from companies that had the best PR
  • sites that have invested…

1. Give The Tweet A Verification Tick, Not The Person

This is the most prominent UI element. It symbolizes trust in what you see.
It should apply to the content, not the identity check.

Identity theft is really not the main problem facing twitter right now. Here’s the Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia’s account. …

Apeksha Kothari

Chief Operating Officer of RareCarat.com

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